September 01, 2022 2 min read

yoga to Reduce hair Fall and  for better Hair growth is very effective. You just need to practice these yoga poses consistantly. Here are some yoga Asanas that not just improve hair growth, but will also help in reducing hair fall and improving their health.

1- Kapalbhati Or Skull-Polishing

Kapalbhati helps cleanse the toxins from the kapal, meaning the entire head or face region, thus promoting better oxygen supply and reducing free radicals, enabling hair growth. Moreover, it helps reduce stress and anxiety, which are also contributing factors to hair fall.

2 - Adho Mukha Svanasana Or Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward facing dog Pose pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana  boosts  oxygen reaching  in the scalp and promotes hair growth. This asana has a range of other physical benefits as well. For example, it helps calm the mind, rejuvenate and energise the body.

3 - Sarvangasana Or Shoulderstand Pose

Shoulder Stand or Sarvangasana   enhances the blood circulation in your head. Daily practice of the pose has a long-lasting effect on your head and is especially beneficial for dry and thin hair.

4 - Balasana Or Child Pose

Balasana or Child Pose  combats the two biggest factors that cause hair fall -stress and digestive issues. Practice Balasana Daily if you are facing heavy hair fall problem to treat stress and digestion related problem,

5 - Sirsasana Or Headstand Pose

 Headstand or Sirsasana improves blood circulation in the scalp which helps in reducing hair loss, thinning of hair and balding. This asana helps in new hair growth and prevents whitening of the hair. It helps the hair follicles to reach their maximum growth capacity and thus improve hair growth.

6 - Vajrasana Or Thunderbolt Pose

Vajrasana or Thunderbolt Yoga Pose is beneficial to hair growth because Vajrasana helps in proper digestion and nutrients are absorbed by the body better when your digestion is in top form.  Maintaining a proper yoga routine is  important for long, thick and healthy hair.

7 - Uttanasana Or Camel Pose

Uttanasana Or Camel Pose stretches and  relaxes your  muscles and it also increases the oxygen levels and blood flow to the head. This, in turn, enables the hair follicles to be strong and your hair grows long. It not only improves the quality and texture of your hair but also makes it flawless and shinier.

8 - Matsyasana Or Fish Pose

 Matsyasana or Camel Pose is the most effective and popular asanas for strong, long and healthy hair It is quite easy to practice and can be done at home.This yoga asana is known to relieve most hair problems with daily practice.

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