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Here are some health benefits of Garudasana :-

Garudasana is balancing the body on one leg. The pose helps you find the central point of the body on which it stabilizes. In the morning when you perform Garudasana, the calm air helps you to hold this posture for long and attain the maximum benefits.

  1. When you practice Garudasana, the lower bones in the hip region get tones in a good manner to relieve the Sciatica nerve issue. Garudasana or Eagle PoseAlleviates Sciatica.
  2. Almost all joints of the body get stretched while you are in the Garudasana, from the knees to the shoulders. 
  3. It needs immense concentration to not let the body lose its balance in Garudasana. This is a mental and breathing pose as well, which you do during the asana. Meditating on one leg makes you a person of high mental capacity. 
  4. In this Asana all weight of the body  be on one foot. The lower legs bones get most of the toll during the asana. Thus, garudasana is the best way to bring strength to the legs.
  5. Garudasana strengthens the legs’ bones.
  6. The sets of the arms and thighs are two of the most important pairs of body parts . While twisting the legs and arms to bring correction in the posture, it benefits by freeing up the body from contraction.

These are just a handful of goodness that Garudasana carries. The more you go deeper into this Asana, the better you understand it and acquire the benefits of Eagle Pose. 

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