December 24, 2022 1 min read

There are several health benefits of Cow Pose Or Gomukhasana:-


  1. Daily Practice of Gomukhasana Or cow Face Yoga Pose decreases glucose levels and increases insulin levels.
  2. This Yoga Pose controls high blood pressure.
  3. Gomukhasana enhances sexual performance.
  4. This Pose Cures stiff and frozen shoulders.
  5. Gomukhasana is very helpful in Reducing anxiety and stress.
  6. This Pose Stimulates kidneys.
  7. Gomukhasana Strengthens the muscles of the back, hips, ankles, shoulders, thighs, inner armpits, triceps, and chest.
  8. Cow-face yoga Pose may help relieve the pain from muscles and joints involved in sciatica.



Cow face Yoga Pose is a very easy stretching yoga Pose which helps in rejuvenating and relaxing the whole body. This Pose helps in relieving the pain by relaxing the deep muscles. The cow-face pose allows you to explore different symmetries of the body.





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