March 06, 2023 1 min read


Following are the benefits of Four-Limbed Staff Pose :-
 This pose is an energizing pose as it gives the body energy and momentum to transit to deeper vinyasa flows.
As this Yoga Pose strengthens the abdominal muscles, the abdominal organs begin to function effectively, and hence the digestive system will be at its best. 
This pose is a core strengthening pose as the alignment engages the core. The abdominal muscles use their strength to hold the body almost parallel to the floor.
 It improves the flexibility of the elbows and the wrists while strengthening them.
In this yoga pose, the Yoga Practitioners remain focused on the core and the alignment. Thus this Asana is very good to increase Awareness and Focus.
Four Limbed Staff Pose tones the spine which is the main branch of the tree called the body. This toning enhances spinal health and body equilibrium.

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