August 23, 2022 2 min read

1. People who don't care about you.

We create a sense of low self-worth and believe that nobody cares about us. This creates a vicious cycle. The more we focus on our weaknesses, the worse we feel. The worse we feel, the more we focus on our flaws. So we should stop caring about who don't care about you.

 2. Toxic People.

You need people who can inspire you to greater heights, not someone who drags you down. Toxic people put undue pressure on the brain and causes a lasting impact that proves destructive hence it is better to avoid them at all cost.

 3. Age. 

Age is just a number that cannot control destiny. Some of the people are very conscious about the age. This is because as the age is growing they think their life maybe something else. They won’t enjoy life as they are enjoying today. But the truth is that it fully depends on us, how we are living life.

4.Your Past Mistakes.

We all make mistakes. We've all failed at something, or worse, hurt someone we love. But we should move on from this, and we should forgive us and let go of the past so that we can live a happy life.

 5. Society's beauty's standard.

Stop putting yourself down, and start seeing the beauty in your perceived flaws. Ditch those false beauty standards,  and create new ones that mean something to you! It will take time, and it will be difficult, but your effort will be well worth the work. Think of how others would see you if you simply give off powerful, positive energy. You deserve to see yourself the way you truly are. Teach yourself that you are perfectly imperfect


6. What other people think.

Our lives get so caught up in limiting beliefs based on what other people say that we should do or shouldn’t do. In the end, none of it matters. The only thing that matters is how we feel about our actions and decisions.


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