Zabuton Meditation Mat - Kapok Filled - Removable Cotton Cover - Excellent Addon for Meditation Zafu - Made in India - Colors Available

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  •  The ‘sitting mat', or Zabuton or the base mat for the round, crescent and moon zafus is an extremely popular add-on prop/accessory for meditation sessions. It is traditionally filled with Cotton (Kapok) and sometimes with other material such as Buckwheat. This mat aids in providing a comfortable base for sitting.
  •  During meditation sessions, it provides essential cushioning for the feet, ankles and legs. We have used Kapok from the Nilgiris in South India for filling this zabuton as Kapok is a more ecological and hypoallergenic alternative to the typical cotton batting.
  • Each Zabuton mat comes with an outer 100% cotton thick cover which is completely removable and machine washable. Available in multiple color options.
  • Traditionally, the zabutons are used in combination with meditation cushions such as Round zafus, crescent and moon cushions. This mat doesn't come with a zafu cushion but you can always opt for an additional zafu. AbhinehKrafts is known for its excellent range of meditation cushions that are both comfortable and pretty. Please see the options at our store front.

 Dimensions: 32 by 32 Inches and thickness 2 Inches. This product is delivered to your doorstep by FedEx and DHL priority shipping.

 How to Use this Mat?

 Place this Zabuton mat on the floor and use it as an additional support layer below your cushion, bench, or blanket during the meditation session. We see cushions, benches, and blankets for meditation as well.

 Use it for general sitting, lounging, working/reading (place your laptop/reading table) over it.

 Asian homes have sitting arrangements for eating while sitting. These mats are excellent for that purpose as well.

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Materials: Kapok, Cotton.