Yoga Meditation Cushion | Handwoven Handmade Round Zafu Pillow |Zipped Cover |Washable| Portable - Tibet - Filling Options Available

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Yoga/Meditation Cushion – Round Zafu Yoga Pillow |Zipped Cotton Cover |Washable| Portable | Organic GOTS Certified - Medium Size - Tibet


✅* Round Zafu Cushion pre-filled with Buckwheat or Kapok Cotton for the most comfortable seating experience

✅*Use them for your meditation/Pranayam practice OR let them adorn your floors as floor cushions, they will not disappoint you!

✅* Cotton Cover that Unzips, can be easily washed when needed

✅* Portable - Use the in-design handle to carry the cushions 

✅* GOTS certified Organic Cotton Covers and Liners

✅* Size: Medium: {5.5" High x 10" Top Cover} and 12" top cover for Large and 15"top cover for Extra Large cushion

These cushions double up as adorable floor cushions too!

✅ * These make for perfect and best yoga & meditation accessories and also serve as a perfect gift for a yogi or yogini. 

✅* We ship these cushions under Express Shipping so expect this to reach you within 4-6 working days from the day of dispatch.

✅* Our cushions come in two variations - Buckwheat OR Cotton pre-filled. The BuckWheat hulls help the cushions are naturally flexible and take shape of your bottom. The cotton pre-filled cushions are what earlier practitioners used. They are sturdier than the buckwheat pre-filled ones. The selection of the type of cushions depends entirely on your comfort and likability.