Yoga Eye Pillow, Weighted Stress Relief - Savasana & Yoga Nidra Eye Pillow - Meditation, Sleep, Aromatherapy Eye Mask (option to choose set)

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Eye Pillows are an excellent aid for the purpose of aromatherapy, spa, stress relief, Yoga, meditation, sleep, travel, and general well being.
We have been using the eye pillows for our "Yoga Nidra" (Yoga Nap) sessions for more than five years now and find these to be extremely useful and versatile prop.

1. Unbleached organic Cotton lining cover generously filled with flax seed and lavender seeds

2. The outer cover is an organic cotton rayon blend fabric from our 2019 summer collection.

3. Dimensions: Length: 21 cm, Width: 11 cm

4. Weight: 230 grams

5. The eye pillow has been crafted to provide the most comfortable experience and comes in non scented version. However, it does carry its natural scent/fragrance from the whole flax seeds and dried lavender seeds which is calming yet not overwhelming.

6. We recommend this eye pillow for the following. Please note that these are some of our favorite uses and its use can be versatile - so, go on and make this as your favorite go-to accessory.

A. Use as a sleep aid: Eye pillows and specially weighted eye pillows are an excellent tool to calm your nerves and gently aid in the sleep pattern. The size and the weight of the eye pillow is such that it helps in blocking the light and provides the much-required yet adequate weight.

B. Combat stress and anxiety: We can not recommend the Yoga Nidra sessions enough. Through my postpartum phase, I have used similar eye pillows during the Yoga Nidra sessions and the effect has been amazing. They are excellent for psychic relaxation with Mantras and for Reiki sessions

C. Meditation Aid: Savasana is our favorite Asana and we can not lie. Make the Savasana more comfortable and relaxing when your body and mind integrates the effort you have put in to your practice with these eye pillows

D. Spa/ Aromatherapy Sessions: Excellent props for those in-house aromatherapy sessions

7. Please Note: The pillowcase can easily be removed and washed. These pillows are not meant to replace medical care but aid in the relief of minor aches and pains. These weighted eye pillows lay comfortably across the user's eyes, conforming to the contours of the face, and will transport him/her to a deep, relaxing, meditative state. Use on the eyes during Savasana, restorative yoga, meditation, or sleep.

8. Excellent gift for Yogis and Yoginis, Meditation Practitioners, Mothers-to-be, Mothers, Care givers, teachers, yoga lovers, Headache or Migraine Sufferers, Essential Worker Gifts, Healthcare Gifts, RN Gifts, Bridal Shower & Wedding Gifts, Bridesmaids Gift, Graduation Gifts. Or for anyone in a stressful job or simply looking to relax, reduce stress, or seek relief from minor aches and pains.

9. How to use it as pain relief aid - to provide heat and cooling to soothe headache, sore muscles, insomnia, stress, mild depression, and anxiety?
To heat: place the pillow in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, this will allow for 15-20 minutes of heat therapy.
To cool: place cool in a freezer-safe bag, and place in the freezer for up to 1 hour, this will allow for 20-30 minutes of cool therapy.

10. Handmade in India. Made in a smoke and pet free environment.

11. The set of two and three will have random color/print option depending on availability.