Round Embroidered Yoga Bolster Pillow for Meditation and Support

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Yoga Bolster Pillow for Meditation and Support - Round Yoga Cushion - Machine Washable Cover, Carry Handles - Made in India

If you are looking for the most versatile Yoga prop, chances are you have been looking for a Yoga Bolster. Yoga Bolster or Yoga Cushion is an essential prop that can make your restorative Yoga, Iyenger Yoga, Prenatal or Post natal Yoga sessions extremely comfortable. Restorative props such as Bolsters are designed such that they allow your mind and body to rest more deeply. For example, a child's pose using a Yoga bolster really makes the effort more natural and there is more chance to be comfortable.

AbhinehKrafts Yoga Bolsters range in size, shape, and firmness - we make them both rectangular and cylindrical and in variety of colors. All our bolsters are handmade and made with the best locally sourced natural fibers and materials.


  •  Bolsters help in opening the body and the joints in tight poses
  •  Bolsters can help you achieve better muscle relaxation
  •  Bolsters relieve tension in the spine
  •  Bolsters are the most versatile prop for restorative poses and Yin Yoga such as Viparita Karani (Half shoulder stand), Matsyasana (Fish Pose), Balasana (Child's Pose, Shavasana, and many more.
  •  Bolsters can help you with pregnancy yoga (both prenatal and post natal poses) - we vouch for it!
  •  Bolsters support you during challenging yoga postures
  •  Bolster relieves a practitioner's body on multi levels: Back, neck, shoulders, abdominal wall, hips, legs, head and even the thoughts

Choosing the Bolster shape:
Rectangular Bolster offers a stable balance, good back support for lying positions and comfort for the spine and hips. This is why this shape is the better choice if you primarily do exercises with pressure applied to the back.
The round yoga bolster (yoga roll) is highly suitable for yoga asanas in which the chest is opened with a bend in the spine such as supported bridge pose. It can also be used as a yoga roll or as a weight to help with down and bend forward poses. It is also great as a support for supporting limbs, for example under bent knees.

Choosing the Filling:
AbhinehKrafts Bolsters come in two types of filling:
Cotton (Kapok) from Nilgiri mountains India: This is a stable filling and is organic and natural
Buckwheat hulls from Eastern Ghats in India: Buckwheat hulls ensure that the bolster is soft, hold the body shape and is adaptable.

Material of Covers: All our covers are made with Organic cotton, dyed in azo free dyes , handstitched/handmade, are machine washable, and breathable. They come with zipped provisions for easy change. Do not tumble dry the covers, dry in shade and do not wash the filling/inserts.

Dimensions: Size: L 25 Inch, B 9 Inch, H 9 Inch (approximately) - slight variation in dimensions possible due to the handmade nature of the item. Each cushion is individually made, handstitched, and crafted in our studio after your order is placed.
FILLING: KAPOK OR BUCKWHEAT (Choose at the time of check out)
Colors Available: Multi
Price indicated is for a single bolster
There may be variations in the shades of the colors of yarn, fabric as all these products are hand dyed and also due to the light and ambient conditions during the photoshoot.
Please construe these as part of the handmade and manual process and not an imperfection and consider this judiciously before making a purchase. Please prefer a hand-wash for cotton fiber always. There may be slight shrinkage as is nature of the cotton fiber. Steam press your covers after hand-wash to make them snuggly fit the bolsters again.
The cotton fiber and the fillings (both Kapok and Buckwheat) have a natural smell of their own. Keep your pillow inserts away from moisture and sun dry often.

Made with Love & Care in India by AbhinehKrafts
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Materials: Organic Cotton, Kapok, Buckwheat.

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