Wooden Parallettes Handstand, Push up stands, Push up bars

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Wooden Parallettes Handstand, Push up stands, Push up bars, Gymnastics Bars, Press Handstand, Yoga Bars, Fitness, Mobility & Circus Training




Pine Wood, Timber


Length on the longer side: 12 Inches
Width (shorter side): 7 Inches
Height from the ground: 8 Inches, Weight: 1100 Kilograms



Country of Origin



Yoga Kargha


About the Product

  • Crafted locally here in Uttar Pradesh, India, these are an Eco-friendly solution handcrafted with 100% solid wood timbers.
  • Coated with brown polish - can be made with natural wood without coating or a clear varnish (depending on the availability.
  • Dimensions: Length on the longer side: 12 Inches, Width (shorter side): 7 Inches, Height from the ground: 8 Inches
  • PERFECT FOR Push Ups, Frog Pose, Crow Pose, Crane Pose, Tuck Planche, Elbow Lever, One Arm Elbow Lever, Handstand, Tuck, Straddle Pike, Full Press Handstand, Straddle & Full Planche, Flying Crow

Caution and a Note: As with any exercise program, there is risk of injury and proper supervision is required. Purchaser assumes responsibility and acknowledgement of all risk factors!!