Tiger's Eye Bracelet Solar Plexus Stone

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Tiger's Eye Bracelet/Jewelry, Elastic Crystal Bead (8mm) Healing Bracelet, Energy Healing /Chakra Balancing - Solar Plexus Stone


8 mm


Rose Quartz


20 grams



    Country of Origin



    Yoga Kargha


    About the Product

    • Perfect for everyday wear and a nice gift for every occasion
    • Elastic cord helps it to adjust to any given width of the wrist. When not stretched, the width of the bracelet is approximately 7 centimeters
    • Wear your energy healing chakra stones on your arm to bring positive energy
    • These 7 chakra bracelets are perfect energy enhancer paired with energy healing stones. Chakras are energy portals that are distributed all over your body.
    • The price is per bracelet. The bracelet comes in a small velvet pouch of its own - perfect for gifting.
    • Use it as a fashion accessory, for stacking, for positive affirmations, chakra healing or meditation.
    • If you are a beginner, please use the available resources and information to read about the stones before buying them.
    • The beads are kept as natural as possible and no chemical treatment or polishing has been done.