Premium Handwoven Organic Cotton Blanket (Use as bed linen OR yoga/mediation blanket) - Design: Darshan

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Handwoven/Hand-spun Organic Cotton Blankets for Yoga, Meditation & Home
This is our newest and most loved launch. Crafted over a traditional hand driven loom, this one is a keeper. The feel of each thread intricately woven can be felt through this blanket. This is a completely handmade piece and minor imperfections can be seen all through its surface - places where threads were joined, and interlinked, even where the tightness of the thread changed. Therefore, each piece is unique in itself but carries the same essence. Use these cotton blankets as a meditation add-on, couch/sofa throw, a layer for those fall days, at a beach or a resort, when you snuggle up with a book, or as travelling companion - we can not stop telling how versatile we find these pieces.

* 100% cotton blanket made for all seasons - summer or fall

* Hand-spun & Handwoven over traditional looms

* Chevron Herringbone Design all through the blanket

* The design Darshan is a herringbone pattern made with two toned threads - one deep plum (which almost looks like coca brown in shade), and a natural whitish/creamish (natural color of cotton yarn) thread.

* Organic Cotton for Better Lives & Better Planet

* Dimensions: Length: 86 inches and Breadth: 60 (inches), minor variations expected in a hand loomed piece. Weight per blanket: 1.2 Kg (approximately)

* Uses: Use them as meditation blanket/Yoga shawls or for extra comfort over your Yoga mats. They can also be used as summer blankets for adults and kids alike. They also make for excellent sofa/couch throw/throws.

When looking for best Yoga/ Meditation blanket for your Vinyasa or Buddhist Zen Meditation practice, look no further.
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