Premium Grass Fiber (Reed/Elephant Grass) Yoga Mat - Meas

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Premium Grass Fiber Mat for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, and Meditation - Natural Color (Handwoven, anti-skid & firm grip) - Meas


  •  These are premium mats manufactured from naturally occurring Elephant grass, Indian reed-mace grass. This is also called as Sambhu and Patera in other Indian languages. Belonging to Typhaceae family, this grass is tropical and grows along the swamps and riversides, commonly found in Deccan Indian region. It is an evergreen Perennial grass and its flowers, leaves, root, shoot, and stems are all harvested and used. The fibers from this grass have been used to create these mats.
  •  These mats are designed using the ancient wisdom wherein the natural Indian Reed-Mace Grass was used in weaving traditional mats, chairs, articles, and thatches of houses.
  •  These yoga mats are anti slip/anti skid/ non-slip/non-skid/, basically slip free, all thanks to the natural rubber grip. The more you practice, the more you sweat, the more sturdier they get.
  •  Natural insulators - these mats are excellent for both indoor and outdoor practice.
  • Hypo allergic mats to take care of sensitive skin
  •  Handwoven with natural fiber, the mat has natural feel and charm. With 4-4.5 mm thickness, these mats are comfortable for practice and provide the right cushioning for other fitness regimes.
  • These mats can be used for both indoor and outdoor practices. They weigh only 1.3 Kilograms and can be easily rolled and carried.
  •  The handwoven weave on the mat renders firmer grip while practicing postures.

WASH AND CARE:Machine Washable on gentle cycle. Loves good sun.


We recommend using our mats with our handwoven organic cotton blankets ( also available at our shop) for an additional comfort during practice.

 These mats make a perfect gift for a 'Yogi' in your life too - A Yoga gift box is available in our gifts section on the Etsy store.


 Made with Love & Care in India by Abhinehkrafts. We make UNISEX products and being from the land of Yoga, we know how important it is to have a mat that provides you the right space to practice. Therefore, we weave our mats longer and wider 28” x 72”. We are yet to find mats that can compete with ours on size.

Natural Rubber coating for extra grip and firmness for intense yoga routines like power yoga.

Abhinehkrafts mats are adaptable and works well for most styles of yoga : Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Yin, Prenatal, Restorative, Anusara and Vini-yoga. Even for normal fitness routines, or meditation sessions, we can recommend our mats. Cotton or banana, or Jute are all natural bio-degradable materials unlike microfiber which most yoga towels are made of. The washing of microfiber has been linked to the cause of massive plastic pollution to our oceans, air and drinking water. Therefore, when you do Yoga or meditation, you can feel the work of natural fibers and real craftsmen ship.


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