Iyenger Cotton Yoga Rope Set with wall hooks for remedial (therapeutic) and restorative yoga - Made in India - Yoga Gift/Yoga Prop

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INTRODUCTION: The rope wall or Iyengar Yoga ropes have been extremely popular in recent times - thanks to their introduction by Master/Guruji BKS Iyengar. Yoga ropes are known as prop that support and intensify a practitioner's asana practice.

They are known for a number of benefits, if you are new to them then some of them are:

  •  The ropes work by using gravity as a natural form of resistance, causing the body to open much further than in regular yoga practice. If rigidity and inflexibility is your thing, these props are going to level up your practice.
  •  Release of tension from the joints and a deep stretch of the entire muscular-skeletal body
  •  Beneficial for spine health through use of traction to relieve pressure from compressed vertebral discs
  •  Ropes create deep opening in the organic body, which nourishes the organs, soothes the nerves, and quiets the mind


  •  The rope set comes as a set of two Long ropes and one small rope - Each set contains two metal hooks with screws
  •  Material: Cotton (Ropes), Metal (Hooks)
  • 3. Dimensions:
  • Long ropes: 50-52 Inches
  • Small Ropes: 40-42 Inches


  • We recommend seeking out a professionally trained and experienced yoga rope wall teacher to help “show you the ropes” before you start practicing on your own. It would be best to seek help (if you are new to the rope wall) from an Iyengar Yoga certified teachers that are well qualified to help you explore the yoga ropes safely.
  • Small pieces (hooks) - keep away from children and pets

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