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*Trash to Treasure*
Every year, we launch collections about three times in an year. While we make each product with lot of love and consideration, some of the products do not find a forever home. The reasons can be plenty such as minor damage/imperfections during or post production, returns, among others.
We believe in the philosophy of reusing and recycling. Most of the fabric scrap in our studio is reused to make utility products such as bags, totes, scrunchies, doll dresses, etc. However, there is a limit to which we can recycle or reuse. We believe there can be forever homes/people who may find a use of these imperfect products in their own unique way such as for their own "do-it-yourself" projects. Please note orders under the clearance section can not be exchanged/replaced or refunded.


How to do meditation? It is said - "Simply sit and Practice"
It is extremely true that you do not need much for meditation just a little bit of mindfulness and a little bit of will. However, over a period of time, we have realized that right support system, props and accessories really help with the practice, specially if you are a beginner and starting on a journey of well being and happiness.

**These Benches were crafted by apprentices in the guidance of our master craftsman Master Shafaqat Ali. Each bench has been manually cut and chiseled. These are part of the learning batch and though completely functional come with certain imperfections. Minor marks and imperfections through these benches have moved these benches to our clearance section. Use these benches for your meditation, for your do it yourself projects, as foot stool, planters, or for home decor. The choice is yours - help us turn these benches in to a treasure.

**Key Features of Abhinehkrafts Meditation Benches**

♥ Solid Mango Wood Bench

♥ Foldable and hence is extremely travel friendly - Each bench comes in a fabric tote bag so that it is easier to store or carry

♥ Dimensions - 16 * 7.5 * 6.5 (all dimensions in Inches), weighs 1.5 Kilograms or more.

♥ Design: Pi style meditation bench

♥ Uses: Use these benches for modified lotus position, Siddhasana, kneeling position (Vajrasana)
Alternately, you can use these benches for general purpose while eating, relaxing, or playing. Use these benches for your meditation, for your do it yourself projects, as foot stool, planters, or for home decor. The choice is yours - help us turn these benches in to a treasure.

♥ Made in India by Abhinehkrafts' partner artisans and their apprentices who are magicians with wood crafting & carving

♥ Please note each and every bench is handmade here at our partner studio. There may be slight variations in the finish due to the natural difference in wood grains. These are not imperfections but the beauty of handmade - we hope you will consider this and appreciate it when you place the order with us.

♥ Shipped via FedEx and DHL Express worldwide.

Please note this item does not deliver to New Zealand due to current custom restrictions concerning agricultural/wood based products.


Meditation benches initially popularized from Japan, are used normally through an kneeling position, also known as “seiza” position, a Japanese term.
The meditation benches keep the bottom portion of the body slightly elevated, thus alleviating the pressure from knees and ankles. It also keeps the posture correct and balanced resulting in a comfortable meditation session.

There are many different designs of meditation benches - out of those, our favorite is a Pi meditation bench (named after the mathematical symbol Pi). Its innovative architecture locates the bench's legs beneath the center of the seat at the greatest weight bearing point. This unique design feature gives the Pi Bench enhanced stability and allows the sitter more options for positioning the legs they are not as "restricted". The bench's rounded, contoured legs allow you to adjust the angle of the seat for your personal comfort.

You can use the meditation benches on floors, carpets, or zabutons for additional comfort.
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