Acupressure/MassageJimmy and Massage Portable Rollers

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Acupressure/MassageJimmy and Massage Rollers (Set of Four) - Portable, Wooden, For massage, acupressure therapy and stress relief, Sujok




Wooden stick of approximately 11-15 cm length and an average diameter of approximately 1.5 cm



Country of Origin



Yoga Kargha


About the Product

  • A set of four handmade wooden Jimmy's and Rollers for Acupressure therapy, Yoga, Massage and General Wellness
  • Release of tension from the joints and a deep stretch of the entire muscular-skeletal body
  • In acupressure therapy, a Jimmy is used like a diagnostic and treatment probe i.e., used to diagnose sensitive acupressure points but which are bigger in size.
  • It is also used to treat these very points. The jimmy can also be used to give a generalized massage on any part of the body.

Use: Move the rounded end of the jimmy over the search area of the body with uniform pressure. The most sensitive point will respond with a typical, sharp pain and is the acupressure point. To treat the acupressure point, press the same with the jimmy for the required length of time. Use the serrated/grooved portion along the length of the jimmy to roll over the required body part to give generalized acupressure treatment.