About Our Organic Collection

We at Abhinehkrafts, work primarily with cotton. It is our traditional wisdom that cotton is super breathable, sweat absorbent, much sturdier, adapts to climate, and is versatile as a fabric - we make use of super soft mulmul cotton clothing to sturdier cotton for our bags. Moreover, it is much easier to work with natural dyes on cotton. 

Our premium range of cotton is organic and it is everything that we just mentioned plus devoid of toxins and harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our organic cotton has originated in the fields of South East Asia wherein safe farm practices are adopted. 

Our responsible step of using organic cotton in our kids clothing and bedding category and a few other apparels means:

a. Less use of pesticides and herbicides which are used in right from growing to each processing stage of the cotton

b. No genetically modified seeds - meaning less chemicals again

c. More use of natural methods, including crop rotation, organic fertilizers, beneficial insects, and hand hoeing for weed control. These methods increase soil fertility, crop yields, and bio-diversity.

d. Less skin irritations and trigger for allergies that are mostly associated with use of heavy chemicals in fabric.

The Organic cotton used in our products is independently certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), to verify that only organic methods and materials are used. Further, certification allows for transparency and traceable from the farm to the finished product. Along the way, organic cotton is kept separate from non-certified cotton to ensure purity. Third-party certification by GOTS includes social criteria, making sure people are protected and children are kept out of the workplace.


There are lots of reasons to buy products made from certified organic cotton. And we personally support the organisations that work for this endeavor. When you choose an organic cotton product at Abhinehkrafts, you can be sure they start with the purest organic cotton, certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard, and are made by trading partners we trust.

And it is the best thing we can do for our next generation and this planet.