Wooden Meditation Chair, Altar Table, Laptop Table

Chair Fabric Color
25 - Shade of Teal
29 - Dusty Pink
26 - Bright Navy
31 - Fuchsia Pink
33-B - Dark Green
CA23 - Hazelnut
32 - Indian Mustard
34 - Bright Yellow
17 - Bright Violet
30 - Dusty light Blue
27 - Shimmer Black
23 - Dark Grey
09 - Oat Beige
22- Light Grey
33 - Deep Maroon
14 - Classic Olive


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YogaKargha Wooden Meditation Chair and/or Altar Table , Laptop Table - Preorders Open




  1. Dimensions of Meditation Chair:
    Length: 51 cm, Breadth: 43 cm, Height 49 cm (from ground to the top of the seat when opened)
  2. Dimensions of the Seat of the Chair:
    Length: 37 cm, Breadth: 35 cm, Thickness: 10 cm
  3. Dimensions of the Back Seat:
    Length: 37 cm, Breadth: 24 cm, Thickness: 10 cm
  4. Dimensions of the Laptop Table or Altar Table
    Length: 61 cm, Breadth: 40 cm, Height: 23 cm,


Thickness of the table top: 2cm


  • Weight of Chair: 5 Kg
  • Weight of Table: 6 Kg


Multi Colour


  • Primary Material: Reclaimed Indian Rose Wood
  • Secondary Material: Suede fabric and foam for the seat.
  • Tertiary Material: Iron and Mixed Metal Bearings



Country of Origin



Yoga Kargha


About the Product

This product is a set of the meditation chair and the table. To purchase individual units such as only chair OR only table, please see other product listings in the Meditation Props section.

About the Chair:

  • Meditation Floor Chair that serves as a comfortable seat for sitting asanas such as Padmasana, Sukhasana, etc.
  • Versatile and multi-functional piece that can be used for reading, relaxing, gaming and other seated activities. The chair is designed to support and retain the natural structure of the human spine.
  • Modified version of a Japanese Zaisu Meditation Chair/Floor Chair/ Foldable Damedai Japanese Floor Chair Wood Tatami Zaisu Legless Chair with Back Support
  • Made with Indian Rosewood, the chair is durable and stable. Comes with a cushioned base, pillow at bottom and back. Color of the cover may change depending on availability. This batch has Olive green suede cushion fabric. You can add your own support pillow to this as well. We will add more colors and textures in fabric in the coming year.
  • Handcrafted design to promote a correct body posture. The design is an inspiration from the Japanese style of floor chairs. The design is modern, contemporary and great for creating any comfortable, luxurious looking charming seating style.
  • Made in India, the chair, table and the entire set comes as an assembled piece. The chair opens up and is supported by a metal bearing.
  • Dimensions as shown in the picture.

About the Altar table/Laptop table:

  • Wooden Prayer/Pooja Table, Altar Table, Meditation & Prayer Shrine, Buddhist Altar, Japanese Table, Zen Altar. It can also be used as a laptop table, Reading Table or Snacks Table
  • Versatile and multi-functional piece. This particular design features a top tray like space and foldable leg bottoms. Can be used from either side.
  • Suitable for Pooja rooms, Meditation Spaces, as a Spiritual gift. Create a sacred space for yourself with this small handcrafted treasure - this is a versatile piece and can be used for variety of purpose such as reflections, remembrances, meditation, journalism, card readings, energy work or prayer altars.
  • Comes as an assembled piece. Dimensions as shown in the picture.
General Instructions:
  • Handcrafted pieces so please expect minor imperfections on the surface and finish. Sharp edges and metal bearings - so this product is not meant for children. Responsible handling advised.
  • Free shipping worldwide. As this is a a heavy weight item, no returns or exchanges are applicable on this product.
  • Wash and Care: Wipe Clean. Store in a Cool Dry Place.
Recommended Uses:
Prayer Table, Altar Table, Pooja Table, Indian Temple, Wooden Shrine, Meditation Altar, Meditation Chair, Meditation bench, Meditation Space Props, Reading Table, Laptop Table, Floor Seating Bench and Chair

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