Yoga Headstand Bench, Inversion Bench, Headstand Stool for Inversion, Relaxation, Shirsasan

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About the Product

Handstand is said to be the king of asanas and for a relaxed, comfortable, and injury free headstand/inversion, our headstand bench is an excellent aid. An Iyenger yoga prop designed to make Sirsasana comfortable and doable.

Made with sustainable sourced pine wood, dimensions of the headstand are mentioned in the pictures.

How does a Headstand bench help?

★ Acts as an excellent prop for beginners and gives them the confidence to raise their feet and reap the benefits of sirsasana

★ The inversion aid helps tale away the the pressure from spine and neck

★ Acts as a complementary tool for advanced practitioners and they can try many different variations of Sirsasana - such as the classic headstand, eagle spread, tucking a single knee, tucking both knees in, the split version, lotus legs in upward pose, and lotus legs in horizontal pose.

★ Sirsanasa is known to improve blood crculation to body parts and specially the brain area.

★ Our headstand bench is a versatile prop and can be used by both beginners and advanced practitioners. In addition, it can be used for so many other poses as a Raised Padpaschimotanasana, cvariations of Halasana, supported shoulder stands, variations of backnbends, Viparaitakarni

★ Our headstand bench is made of solid wood and ships as a complete unit. No assembly is required and is ready to use.

Note: Beginners: Please do Headstands under the guidance of a Teacher or a Yogi. These are props to aid your practice and should be used responsibly. In some medical conditions, Headstands should not be practiced such as in case of Glucoma, always consult your medical practitioners before practicing.

* Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth and leave it to dry

Made with Love & Care in India by Yogakargha

About Us:

We are an India based boutique design brand that works with natural fibers to create pretty, functional, sustainable, and eco-friendly products dipped in the warmth of handmade and rich textile heritage of India.

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