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This India-based brand from Etsy is a special one – everything is handcrafted using natural fibres by women artisans in India, with local and responsibly sourced natural or recycled materials. We absolutely adore the beautiful and traditional handwoven designs that stand out among the rest. You can also choose from varying degrees of thickness depending on your own preference!

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2. Organic cotton & recycled materials, handwoven in India, carbon-neutral shipping

YogaKargha is an India-based boutique working with artisans and longtime traditions to create pieces for yoga and meditation. Each mat is individually handwoven using materials like organic cotton, natural wool and rubber, and recycled fibers. We especially love the anti-skid grips for those tougher poses and stretches. Thanks to Etsy, YogaKargha orders will be delivered to you in carbon-neutral shipping.

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3. Abhinehkraftsproduces organic cotton mats and is definitely one of my top picks for eco yoga mats.

These rugs are hand-woven in India and they are machine washable, which I love. You can request a pre-coated natural rubber coating to prevent slipping. They allow it as an option to avoid waste if someone doesn’t have a need.

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4. Which of these options is the best yoga mat for hot yoga?

Handwoven yoga mats from natural fabric like organic or recycled cotton 

Unique natural fibers like banana, grass, and wool options 

Natural rubber coating for anti-skid option 

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5. 11 Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats For Sustainable Practice

Going back to yoga’s original source for a very traditional organic mat, you can choose an organic cotton yoga mat from Abhinehkrats manufactured and shipped (free and quickly) from Ghaziabad, India. This mat is more extensive and thicker than the standard sizes one would expect in the US. It is 26” wide and a full 74” long.

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One of my favorite selections for eco-friendly yoga mats is Abhinehkrafts, which manufactures organic cotton mats. These mats are machine washable and were handwoven by artisans in India.

You can ask for a pre-applied rubber covering on the sides of the mat at the time of purchase if you are concerned that it will slide or move during practice. It is natural rubber from Kerala and will aid in the mat’s adhesion.

All the products made by Abhinehkrafts are made by hand using India’s extensive textile history. 

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7. 19 Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats for All Your Workout Needs

This India based brand is one of the top creators of sustainable yoga mats. Each of their mats is handwoven in India and are made out of organic cotton or grass and jute. The grass is either Elephant grass or Indian reed-mace grass, both of which grow near swamps and rivers in India. When harvested, every single part of the plant is used, with the fibers becoming the yoga mats.

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8. Best Sustainable Yoga Mats

Abhinehkrafts sells a lot of different sustainably-made yoga mats. They use banana fiber, organic cotton, natural cotton, grass fiber, and many other materials. All of the mats are handcrafted in India.

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9. Staying Grounded While Green: The Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Sustainability necessitates the use of more natural materials. After all, those are often more readily renewable than their synthetic counterparts. But some are still more natural than others, and the Abhinehkrafts grass fiber yoga mat is the top of the crop.

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10. BEST Sustainable Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats!

Abhinehkrafts makes organic cotton mats and is one of my top picks for sustainable yoga mats. Artisans hand-woven these mats in India, and they're machine washable, which I love. If you are worried about the mat moving or sliding during practice, you can request a pre-applied rubber coating on the sides at checkout. It's natural rubber that comes from Kerala and will help the mat stick.

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