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A little primer on how we do it and what makes our Abhinehkrafts meditation cushions special and worth an investment:

Meditation Cushion

Cushion Comfort

Our Yoga cushions come in two variations - Organic buckwheat hulls or Cotton (Kapok) pre-filled. The softness and comfort of the cushions comes from the ability of the buckwheat hulls and cotton/Kapok (to some extent) conform to a user's natural body form. What you in turn receive is an unparalleled comfort and convenience while you use these cushions - whether you use them as Yoga props or for your meditation practice.

Thoughtful Design to Enhance Convenience

We know that the degree of convenience in terms of perfect cushion varies for each person. That's why we fill our cushions generously and such that they work for most people. But just in case, you would like to alter the filling - we design the covers both outer and inner such that you can do easy adjustments to the filling on your own. What more, our cotton cushion covers are made from home grown cotton, spun in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, and crafted with lot of care. The covers are machine washable, can be easily changed and cared for. The covers come in delectable colors and patterns - there is one for all.

yoga meditation and cushions
round cushions

Portable and Carry it Everywhere You go!

If you like to carry your cushions for practice from Home to Studio, and back and forth - We make it easier for you! The sturdy handle makes our cushions extremely portable. Sometimes, when we are happy we send a cushion storage cover too to showcase our love for hand-stitched good storage bags.

Our larger set of cushions double up as adorable floor cushions too. Making them a versatile product and your next level best friend forever.

Crafted Consciously - Truly Handmade

We work on limited designs and each season we launch our cushions that reflect the richness and diversity of the land they come from. Made in India , the land of Yoga - each of our cushion is a beauty to behold. We create them consciously and over a period of time. Not mass produced in factories - the cushions reflect our love for handmade. So, if you are looking for round cushions, crescent, moon, or rondo cushions, small cushions, or big cushions, simple cushions or fancy ones, solid colored or a work of art - we make all. We welcome you to fall in love with the work we do.

handmade cushions
beautiful cushions

Aanandam by Abhinehkrafts - Yoga Made Simple, Sustainable and Good For the Planet

Aanandam was launched by the House of Abhinehkrafts to promote handmade yoga, meditation and wellness products that imbibe our brand spirit - Being Simple, and Sustainable.. We make Yoga, Meditation, and Exercise Mats, Cushions, Props, and Clothing that helps you up your fitness routine in a natural way. We believe in magic of natural fibers sourced locally. Our designs and thought process is brought to life by a network of 70 weaving houses, partner artisans, and manufacturers, sharing the similar brand ethos and spread across 10 different states of India.


More Reasons to Love Us

We are an India based boutique brand that works with natural fibers to create pretty, functional, sustainable, and sustainable products dipped in the warmth of handmade and rich textile heritage of India.

Our partner artisans, non-profit groups, and traders specifically with women in focus spread across the country help bring our designs to life. We believe in the use of natural fibers.

Run by a woman promoter and team members, Abhinehkrafts aims to be the platform to help our partners specifically in marginal communities with opportunities for financial empowerment. Apart from our love for natural fibers, we love books. So, every year, a part of our profits is committed to raise young readers in our marginal and tribal communities.

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