June 20, 2024 2 min read

Have you ever felt like an old creaky door every time you bend down to tie your shoes? Have you ever felt a back pain that seem to have lasted for eternity?

I have been on this journey and it was a serendipitous yoga session with friends that  helped me discover this magical power. I have now banished my decade-old back pain using the power of yoga asanas!

Downward Dog to the Rescue

This humble Downward Dog pose is a classic yoga asana that not only stretches out the entire back but also strengthens the core muscles, providing much-needed support to the spine. Plus, it's a great excuse to pretend you're a dog stretching after a nap (woof woof)!

Twist and Shout with the Seated Twist or Supine Spinal Twist

I relied on the Seated Twist pose to gently twist my spine.  This is extremely helpful in releasing those stressed side muscles. This asana helps to release tension in the back muscles and improve flexibility. Another variation  that I tried was the supine spinal twist. I sometimes found myself shouting with joy (or maybe it was just a grunt of effort) as I felt the knots in my back unravel.

Bridge the Gap with Bridge Pose

No, we're not talking about building actual bridges here (although that would be impressive). The Bridge Pose in yoga involves lifting the hips off the ground, which helps to strengthen the back muscles and improve spinal alignment. I felt like I was finally bridging the gap between pain and relief with each repetition of this asana.

Final Thoughts

After just two weeks of dedicated practice, I was amazed to find that my back pain had significantly decreased. I could finally bend, twist, and move without wincing in agony. So, if you're struggling with back pain, do give these yoga asanas a try? Who knows, you might just twist and shout your way to a pain-free back!

Pro-tip: Rather than crunching too many asanas in your practice, just focus on two-three simple classical asanas depending on your requirement and just focus on each move with focus on your breath. The breath work along with proper alignment is the key to get the best out of this ancient practice.



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