June 17, 2021 2 min read

Just a few days from now, it will be an International Yoga Day, to be celebrated worldwide. In a way, it is heartening, how this ancient practice has made its way and impact across millions of lives irrespective of country, culture, beliefs, or rituals.

I feel blessed to have been born in the land of Yoga and despite having seeds of knowledge, environment, and opportunities, I could not embrace Yoga before life hit back.

It was a serendipitous brush with life-threatening Bacterial Meningitis and post-recovery challenges that prompted me to turn to Yoga once again. Every visit with my neuro physician confirmed that if I wanted to take charge of my life again, I would need to get rid of anti-anxiety and anti-depressants that were being fed to my body and I would need to embrace something more powerful that can understand my body and its needs at a deeper cellular level.

I had the foundation from my childhood and I sought help from the masters of this ancient wisdom to start on a journey that not only helped me recover but provided me with a template that I would use frequently to stay sane and overcome challenges that a modern lifestyle threw on me. It has been more than eight years and our latest brush with the pandemic that caused havoc worldwide and especially in India firmed the belief that we will need to embrace each day as if it is an International Yoga Day if we want to triumph over the trials of modern life.

Today, as an individual and as a mother, I also pass on this knowledge to my children that the world will evolve and you will spread your wings but do take a moment to stay connected to the roots because these roots and their ancient wisdom will give you the confidence to soar and sail as you will face the winds.

I wish you a blissful Yoga day, every day and every year from now on.
I hope Yoga changes (or changed) your life for the better.


Guest Post - Neha Sharma (Founder & CEO AbhinehKrafts)

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