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Have you ever felt pain in your knees while practicing on regular mats? Do you need extra cushioning for your postures and routine? Then search no more. AbhinehKrafts super thick 10 mm completely handwoven mats are here that are not only comfortable but also completely natural and handwoven with natural magical cotton fiber. These mats are extra thick, extra long, made of natural fiber (cotton yoga mats), are eco-friendly, anti-slip/anti-skid, anti-odor, and perfect for hot yoga sessions ends here.
Woven over a period of seven days, these mats are excellent for routines which are sweaty and involve lot of movements. They can be easily washed and last much longer than plastic or silicone mats. They get softer with use and are still sturdy.

Material: Indian Cotton

Technique: Handwoven

Antiskid Option: Available

Travel Friendly/Portable: No

Dyes Used: Azo Free Dyes

Color Options: Multiple

Dimensions: 75 x 24 (Inches), Thickness - 6-10 mm (maximum with anti skid backing)

Highlight:  Designed for ultra comfort at knees and is an excellent choice for elderly and children. The weave is a loose thick weave something similar to a handknitted chunky warm sweater! So, they work as an excellent option as a rug as well due to the tactile and sensory affect of the weave on the sole of the feet.


  • These yoga mats are anti slip/anti skid/ non-slip/non-skid/, basically slip free, all thanks to the naturally handwoven weave. The more you practice, the more you sweat, the more sturdier they get.
  •  We make UNISEX products and being from the land of Yoga, we know how important it is to have a mat that provides you the right space to practice. Therefore, we weave our mats longer and wider 24” x 72”. We are yet to find mats that can compete with ours on size. They are approximately 6-10 mm thick.
  • Weight: 2.5 Kg (normal version)
  • These mats can be used for both indoor and outdoor practices. These mats are heavier and are recommended for home or studio use.

Please note, the mat Reds and Greens is more lemonish greenish in tinge which is more olive colored rather than yellow as seen in the pictures.

 An all natural mat with no anti skid backing. These mats work well for carpeted areas. Excellent option if you want a completely natural, traditional cotton yoga rug with no latex/natural rubber. Specially good if you are sensitive to even slightest smell of rubber (even if it is natural without any chemicals)

  •  Natural rubber coating: We use natural rubber to render an anti skid backing to our mats. The backing is all natural rubber and is free from any chemicals. The only downside being like all natural products the coating wears off after some time/usage/wash.
  •  About the felt based anti-skid backing - Small rubber dots embedded on a felt fabric layer roll have been embedded with the woven cotton layer. This makes our mats almost anti skid on hard surfaces as the additional layer provides both thickness and weight to the mat.
  •  Abhinehkrafts mats are adaptable and works well for most styles of yoga : Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Yin, Prenatal, Restorative, Anusara and Vini-yoga. Even for normal fitness routines, or meditation sessions, we can recommend our mats. Cotton is a natural bio-degradable material unlike microfiber which most yoga towels are made of. The washing of microfiber has been linked to the cause of massive plastic pollution to our oceans, air and drinking water. Therefore, when you do Yoga or meditation, you can feel the work of natural fibers and real craftsmen ship.
  • The handwoven thick weave on the mat renders firmer grip while practicing postures.
  • For additional comfort use our mats with our handwoven organic cotton blankets ( also available at our shop).
  •  These mats make a perfect gift for a 'Yogi' in your life too.

WASH AND CARE: Handwash recommended. 

Made with Love & Care in India


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