Saree - Illkal Viscose Rayon and Cotton - Checkered Black & Red - Indian Sari/Indian Dress/Fabric Yard

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- Illkal Viscose Rayon and Cotton Saree with an intricate woven border through out the saree length - Ilkal saris are woven using cotton warp on the body and art silk warp for border and art silk warp for pallu portion of the sari.

- Fabric: Illkal Cotton & Viscose Rayon, lovingly put together in Illkal Town (Bagalkot District), India

- The saree is light in weight, and feels extremely soft to wear.

- Length of the Saree: 6 meters approximately - pure delight of a fabric. This saree comes with its own running blouse fabric

- The Saree doesn't come with any hemming, or fall, or pico. You can place an order for the same separately.

- The Saree ships via FedEx/DHL within 3-4 working days

- Can be gift wrapped. Please indicate your preference during the check-out. Do mention your contact number that can be indicated on the parcels to ease the delivery process.

What is a Saree?

A sari, Saree is a women's garment from India that consists of a drape varying from 4.5 to 8 meters (5 to 9 yards) in length and 60 to 120 centimeters (2 to 4 feet) in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder. To know more about the Saree, please refer here:

Ilkal was an ancient weaving centre where the weaving seems to have started in the 8th century AD. The growth of these saris is attributed to the patronage provided by the local chieftains in and around the town of Bellary. The availability of local raw materials helped in the growth of this sari.About 20000 people in the town of Ilkal are engaged in sari-weaving.The peculiar characteristic of the sari is joining the body warp with the pallu warp which is locally called as TOPE TENI. This technique is used exclusively at Ilkal. If anyone requires Ilkal sari one must prepare a warp for every sari. Warp threads for body are prepared separately. Similarly pallu warp is prepared separately either with art silk or pure silk depending upon the quality required. Thirdly border portion of warp is prepared, like the pallu warp, either art silk or pure silk and the colour used for pallu and on border will be one and the same.