Organic Cotton Handwoven Mat for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Prayer, Meditation or Home Decor - Design: MoonLight (Yellow)

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There is something about Moon - Moon and its phases have long been linked to spirituality and the effect it has on us. We made this mat as a tribute to the power of the moon and its phases.

Key Features:
* Handwoven organic cotton Yoga mat that can be used for meditation and general wellness sessions as well. Deck it up as an entry way carpet or home decor piece, the mat is a versatile option and will not disappoint.

To see the black version of the same design, click the link below:

* Cotton mats are highly pet friendly, easy to maintain, & easy to wash and care.

* Dimensions: 80 inches by 27 inches (approximately), Weight: 1.2 Kilos, Thickness: 5-6mm

* Suitable for both outdoor and indoor practice. Neha recommends using a simple cotton mat on carpeted surface or on your preexisting rubber/PVC/TPE mat. Choose an antiskid felt backing - in case you wish to practice on a hard surface.

* These mats can be used for both indoor and outdoor practices.

* No more worrying about the mat storage. Our mats ship with a complimentary yoga mat carrier/bag.

* Wash & Care: We recommend handwash for all cotton products however, the mats can be cleaned in a washer with gentle settings and gentle cleanser.

About YogaKargha by Abhinehkrafts:
We are an India based boutique design brand that works with natural fibers to create pretty, functional, sustainable, and eco-friendly products dipped in the warmth of handmade and rich textile heritage of India. To know more about our work and products either visit our website or Etsy Store:

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