Antiskid Handwoven Natural Cotton Mat for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Prayer, Meditation or Home Decor - Collection: Bhakti (Part 2)

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** Antiskid Handwoven Natural Cotton Mat for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Prayer, Meditation or Home Decor**

Handwoven over a period of three days, these natural cotton mats are loaded with colors and patterns. As deeply enriching and comforting as Bhakti Yoga These mats are soft, are breathable, sweat absorbent, easy to wash and maintain, and anti skid, all thanks to to anti skid backing. A perfect eco friendly option for yoga sessions. A product of collaboration between weavers from two different clusters, we have let our weavers use their imagination in the interplay of color schemes for our designs, hence no two mats are same. And this imperfection is what makes them perfect. This collection features in two different listings, so to view the other color options apart from this listing, please click here:

If you have questions, or need a help with the purchase, as usual Neha is just a message away.


♥ Handwoven mats crafted on traditional looms that imbibe the magic of cotton grown and cultivated in India.

♥ Length: 70 Inches, Width: 24 Inches, Thickness: 5-6 mm

♥ This collection is made by our handloom weavers in Uttar Pradesh and Orissa. Our team members Ashok, Amit and their families have rendered the final finishing touch in our studio.

♥ Our mats are made for everyone so the products are Unisex. As yoga practitioners, we test our products before every launch - still if you have any questions, please drop us a note.

♥ These mats come with an anti skid backing option (felt layer with rubberized dotted surface)so they will work equally well on both carpeted and hard surface.

♥ These mats can be used for both indoor and outdoor practices. These mats can be easily rolled and carried.

♥ Each mat comes in a yoga mat carrier of its own.

♥ This collection of mat is also excellent for modern home decor (living room runner or entry way carpet)

♥ The handwoven weave on the mat renders firmer grip while practicing postures.

♥ We recommend using our mats with our handwoven organic cotton blankets ( also available at our shop) for an additional comfort during practice.

♥ These mats make a perfect gift for a 'Yogi' in your life too - compliment this mat with a handwoven blanket, also available on our store

♥ Wash care: We recommend hand wash for all handwoven products still machine wash may be done on a gentle cycle, however user discretion is advised.
Please read the shop policies and FAQs before making the purchase.
Made with Love & Care in India by YogaKargha™ by AbhinehKrafts®

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We are an India based boutique design brand that works with natural fibers to create pretty, functional, sustainable, and eco-friendly products dipped in the warmth of handmade and rich textile heritage of India. To know more about our work and products either visit our website or Etsy Store:

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