Iyenger Yoga Chair (Black) - Excellent Prop for Yoga Poses - Yoga Chair with Carry Bag, for Continnum Body Movement, Enhanced Practice

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Iyenger Yoga Chair - Black Color - Backless - Excellent Prop for Chair Yoga, Iyenger Yoga Poses, for Continuum Body Movement & Enhanced Practice

Iyenger Chair also popularly called as Pune Chair is an excellent prop which is adopted by most Iyenger philosophy based studios, practitioners and other Yoga enthusiasts. This backless chair is made of high grade metal an is an excellent prop for both beginners and the advanced practitioners.

This chair has been specifically designed to create full openness, utility, and strength while you practice.

This prop also makes yoga accessible to people who cannot stand, lack the mobility to move easily from standing to seated to supine positions, or want a quick break from office work. For example, chair yoga is great for anyone who needs more support, is managing an injury, or wants a more therapeutic approach to the practice.

Dimensions are as indicated in the picture. The chair weighs around 3.5-4 kilogram and is made and shipped from India via premier logistics partners.

This version of YogaKargha Chair is smaller than our standard Iyenger Yoga Chair so it is ideal for practitioners that are not too tall and want a prop that is more comfortable and helps with alignment.
In case interested, you can view our other standard Iyenger Yoga Chair here:



- Backless Chair with flat seat rest is specially designed for yoga practice. Flat seat rest is perfect for right alignment of your body. The back legs are connected with a bar, which makes it particularly strong and durable. Backless chair is designed for yoga practitioners to deepen the yoga practice.

- Recommended uses: for standing asanas, sitting asanas, forward extensions, twists, inversions, backward extensions, abdominal asanas, restorative asanas.

- This chair is a classic prop for yoga. It can be zigzag and curved, and can be placed flat for easy storage and transportation without assembly. Chairs can be stacked when not in use, easy to store, space-saving fashion chairs, easy to wipe clean seats and backrests. High grade metal with powder coating in black finish.

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Materials: Metal.

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