Organic Cotton Undyed Yoga Mat (Natural White) - 5 mm Thickness with Antiskid Option

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Organic cotton mat for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, and Meditation - Natural Color, 5 mm thickness, option to choose antiskid natural rubber coated backing

The search for best Yoga mats that are made of natural fiber (cotton yoga mats), are eco-friendly, less slip/skid, anti-odor, and perfect for hot sweaty yoga sessions ends here. Read on to find more:
These Yoga mats are handwoven by our partner master artisans using organic cotton. These yoga mats have been woven over a period of three days and are sweat absorbent. They can be easily washed and last much longer than plastic or silicone mats. They get softer with use and are still sturdy.


*These yoga mats are eco-friendly, all thanks to the magic of natural fibers (cotton) which is lovingly handwoven. The more you practice, the more you sweat, the more sturdier they get.

* The Yoga Mat with an option for pre-applied natural rubber coating on one of the side (which we call as back side) is also available at the check out - This natural rubber has originated in Kerala and is used to render an anti-slip feel to the mat. It helps the mat stick to hard surfaces easily. It helps with advanced postures, hot yoga and other forms of intense exercise, yoga routine where a slipping mat can be a problem. Please note this is a natural rubber coating and not an additional rubber layer so it doesn't affect the thickness of the mat.

* This is a basic yoga mat. It is thin so is travel friendly, easy to carry. The beauty of this cotton yoga rug is in its earth friendliness. Devoid of any colors, bleaching agents, chemicals - this is our most basic but natural version of traditional yoga rug that was used by ancient sages and yogis. Cotton has a tendency to slip/skid both at the top of the rug surface and at the bottom.

* Our personal recommendation is to use the normal version of this rug as your travel rug (can be easily folded and kept in a suitcase) or use it over your preexisting mat. The rubber version of this rug will work excellent on a hard (marble/cement/wooden) surface. The rubber surface at times tend to stick together, just pull it apart and you are good to go.

* The mat is thin so please use additional layer such as a rolled towel or blanket while you practice hard on knees postures.

* If you tend to slip a lot because of palm/feet sweating on the rugs, then we recommend using gloves/socks. Cotton rugs may take some time and patience to get used to. Ask questions - Neha is always a message away to help you make a conscious and mindful purchase.

* We make UNISEX products and being from the land of Yoga, we know how important it is to have a mat that provides you the right space to practice. Therefore, we weave our mats longer and wider - these rugs measure 26-28 inches in width and 77-79 inches in length. We are yet to find mats that can compete with ours on size. Cotton rugs sometimes do shrink in size after the wash.

* YogaKargha mats are adaptable and works well for most styles of yoga : Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Yin, Prenatal, Restorative, Anusara and Vini-yoga. Even for normal fitness routines, or meditation sessions, we can recommend our mats. Cotton is a natural biodegradable material unlike microfiber which most yoga towels are made of. The washing of microfiber has been linked to the cause of massive plastic pollution to our oceans, air and drinking water. Therefore, when you do Yoga or meditation, you can feel the work of natural fibers and real craftsmen ship.

* These mats can be used for both indoor and outdoor practices. They weigh less than a kilogram and are easy to carry.

* We recommend using our mats with our handwoven organic cotton blankets ( also available at our shop) for an additional comfort during practice.

* These mats make a perfect gift for a 'Yogi' in your life too - A Yoga gift box is available in our gifts section on the store.

* Wash care: Hand wash highly recommended - Machine Washable on gentle cycle at user's discretion. Loves good sun. Please note, washing may change/effect the natural rubber coating. Can be dry cleaned.
Also, cotton yarn shrinks with wash for the first time.
For further, hand wash and care, please refer to the FAQs at the shop front.

Made with Love & Care in India. YogaKargha by Abhinehkrafts

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