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At Abhinehkrafts, we understand the importance of a comfortable yet stable cushion/support to aid the Yoga & Meditation practice. The Abhinehkrafts cushions come in three shapes - Round, Crescent, and Moon Cushions. Select and find a perfect fir for you, no matter your size, shape or flexibility. Our cushions are crafted by our partner artisans who use organic, GOTS certified 100% cotton fabric to mold these cushions.

Note: Please refer to the colors in the last picture to make the selection.

The cushions are of perfect size i.e., portable enough so carry them with you to studio, park, beach or wherever you would like to practice. So, go ahead practice your lotus pose and meditation sessions while aligning your spine and easing the strain on the back at the same time.

Our cushions come in two variations - Buckwheat OR Cotton pre-filled. The Buckwheat hulls help the cushions are naturally flexible and take shape of your bottom. The cotton pre-filled cushions are what earlier practitioners used. They are sturdier than the buckwheat pre-filled ones. The selection of the type of cushions depends entirely on your comfort and likability. These are eco-friendly and built for durability. Hand-made, 100% organic cotton cover unzips (there is a zip provided, concealed below the handle) for adjusting the hulls in case of buckwheat cushions.

Buckwheat Hull cushions are adjustable (you can remove some hulls as the cushions are stuffed firm. What more, a part of our profits goes to raising young readers in the artisan communities. Size: Crescent Cushion: 5.5" High x 17" Wide (longer side) and 12" (shorter side)

*Designed and Made by Abhinehkrafts in the land of Yoga, Made in India*

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Materials: Cotton, Buckwheat.

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